A boy was born somewhere in northern Africa. He grew up amid the winding alleys of Fez's old Medina, one of the biggest and best preserved historical towns in the Arab-Muslim world.

This young kid was constantly envious of his opulent and expansive entourage. His entourage and family were continually creating handcrafted items such as slippers, lamps, and leather goods. Despite his overwhelming love and admiration for the handcraft business, the kid chose a completely other professional path: A scientific career through college.

Years passed and the youngster gained experience working in the automobile sector. However, it was insufficient and unfulfilling for him. He was constantly reminded of his origins and valuable cultural heritage by a deep route inside him.

He chose, after a lengthy absence, to retrace his parents' and grandparents' footsteps and to promote Moroccan crafts.

This is who I am.

We welcome you to our little shop. Our primary objective is to promote Moroccan handicrafts worldwide, which is a tough task for Moroccan artisans in a digital world they are totally unfamiliar with. Additionally, the COVID has totally upended Morocco's artisan sector, which was heavily reliant on visitor donations and sales. Several artisans found themselves jobless for several months and without a viable short- or long-term alternative.

Morocco, without a doubt, is a beautiful and inspirational country. While the country's rich history and friendly people certainly contribute to its attractiveness, I would be negligent if I failed to highlight the beauty of the architecture and décor. Morocco and its design are not discrete. Indeed, the exquisite and complex aesthetics of Moroccan metal lamps contribute to their ability to attract the eye and keep it lingering.

Our shop is only devoted to the sale of these exquisite metal lamps, and we've been able to provide a really unique experience for our customers. Purchasing these lamps is a one-of-a-kind experience: you are purchasing lamps that are completely handcrafted, constructed of high-quality materials, and have an original design. We say this because we are proud of the goods made in Fez, particularly these lights manufactured since the twentieth century.
As you would imagine, we operate our company as a family and are intimately familiar with our goods.

Team members

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