Fez, Morocco : A Unique City Like No other


Fez, Morocco's iconic city, is also one of the country's tourism centers and one of the country's most densely inhabited towns. It must be stated that the city's history spans several centuries and that its glorious past has sparked numerous covetousnesses that have shaped a dynamic city that still houses remnants of a past when Fez was the cultural capital of Morocco, the economic capital, the religious capital... in short, the pearl. Fez was the catalyst for Morocco's worldwide renaissance.


Numerous mysteries surround the origins of the city's name, and there are never any certainties on who created Fès. This latter was founded during the reign of Emperor Idrîss Ier in the eighth century, although contrary to popular belief, it was not founded by him.

Certain indicators lead one to believe that it was his confidant, Rachid, who founded the city, according to the recent discovery of coins with his effigy dating from the time of Idrîss Ier's death. Thus, neither Idrîss Ier nor his son could have founded the city, since the latter was only ten years old when the first coins bearing Rachid's image began to circulate. Thus, it was during the reign of Idrîss Ier that Fès became the first imperial capital of Morocco, despite the fact that it was undoubtedly not founded by an emperor.

And if we take the time to explore this historic section of Fès, it is because the city is the birthplace of the Moroccan worldwide international outreach. The city's history, mysteries, and legends all contribute to the city's tourist appeal.

There is no need to visit a library to learn more; just stroll around the city to discover imperial remnants and the civilisations that occupied it. Fès, many times named Morocco's capital, and several times cast into the shadow of Casablanca or Rabat, continues to fascinate and enchant the curious to this day.


As you may have guessed, a visit to Fès is first and foremost a journey into history, to the discovery of remnants of a glorious past whose traces are evident in every corner of the city. Whether in the UNESCO-listed medina, the new contemporary neighborhoods created during the French colonial era, or the royal enceinte, Fès exudes authenticity and cultural diversity.

Fès, as the country's imperial capital, is a must-see stop on every trip to Morocco, but a stay in Fès is not limited to monument visits and medina ballads. While this is plenty to entertain and enchant any kind of traveler, why not take advantage of the other wonders of Morocco?

Fès is, in fact, an ideal jumping-off place for seeing the Moroccan deserts through autotours, but also for combining visits to the country's imperial cities (Marrakech / Fès / Meknès / Rabat). By staying in Fès, you'll be close to the country's major historical and natural attractions. When it comes to nature and adventure, we naturally think of the Moroccan Atlas, which offers incredible hiking and touring possibilities, but also of the Moroccan deserts, which, as said before, are located not far from Fez.


There is something for everyone, from four-star hotels to private rooms, seasonal rentals, and bed and breakfasts. LuxsofMorocco collaborates with many inns in Fès, such as the Riad Attarine, which embodies Moroccan authenticity and provides all the amenities necessary for luxurious stays immersed in Moroccan culture and history.

Are you considering embarking on a journey to Fès? The ideal situation is to discuss your travel desires and the lodging circumstances in which you want to stay with our local specialist, who will advise and assist you.